Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo. A cultivating miner of Artistic Teaching in Pinar de Río

Mendive. Journal on Education, january-march 2022; 20(1): 342-344

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Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo. A cultivating miner of Artistic Teaching in Pinar de Río


Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo. Un minero cultivador de la Enseñanza Artística en Pinar de Río


Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo. Um mineiro cultivador de Ensino Artístico em Pinar de Río


Damayanti Martínez Rodríguez1

1Municiipal Directorate of Education, Minas de Matahambre. Pinar del Río. Cuba.



The work of an exemplary pedagogue in contributing to the strengthening of Artistic Teaching and the safeguarding of traditional popular culture can be found in the work of Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo, an educator from Pinar del Río, the most vivid example of a creator and cultivator of art.

He was born on March 6, 1949 and died on February 21, 2021. He is for his contemporaries an example of an artist, instructor and professor of the new generations of art from Pinar del Río. He was the founder of the province's School of Art Instructors, the highest summit of the battle of ideas, led by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

In 1983 he received the title of Middle Technician in Music Art Instructor and began teaching Artistic Education at the San Cristóbal Culture Sector. He travels through different municipalities of the province where he works as an Art Instructor teacher and, later, assumes the responsibility of directing artistic education in the music demonstration in Pinar del Río. Marcelino is one of the most native minerals of Minas de Matahambre, to which he gave the musical arrangement of the municipal anthem.

Professor "Chamizo", as his students and people who knew him affectionately called him, made adjustments to the musical compositions of various orchestras that visited the land. He was founder and jury of the "Pino de Cobre" musical interpretation contest, which obtained prestige and acceptance in the province, because great exponents of interpretation emerged from it.

He was the creator of the musical group "Los Méridan ", which managed to make the name of our town heard, for having an outstanding participation in the cultural life of the province and the country. His high professional performance and his musical abilities allowed him to direct and participate in numerous artistic events.

To continue perfecting his work in artistic education, as well as his improvement as an instructor, he enrolled in the "Rafael María de Mendive " Higher Pedagogical Institute , in the modality of a course for workers, from which he graduated on July 22, 1993 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. From 1991 to 1996 he continued his work at the Culture House of Bahía Honda.

From 1997 to 2000 he moved and carried out pedagogical work in the House of Culture of the municipality of Candelaria. From 2001 to 2011, he was a member of the group of teachers who take on the training of new art instructors, a task that he carries out with great professional commitment. During this stage he joined a trio, along with two other artists from Pinar del Río, who performed on different stages within our province, until he was hired to provide tourism services in the municipality of Viñales, in Pinar del Río.

From the testimonies of the people who shared his life, a set of ethical and moral values is clearly established, bequeathed to future generations of instructors and fans by this humble and simple person, a cultivator of art. He was identified by carrying his guitar on his shoulder and sometimes we enjoy him on different stages as a troubadour; in most of his presentations, accompanied by his students and fans, evidencing the pleasure he felt showing his audience the new shoots of artistic work.

He was a professor who defended the principles of Cuban cultural policy, who maintained and perfected mining cultural traditions; taught appreciation and creation and demonstrated the talent of amateurs in every corner of the municipality and in the province, with consecration and perseverance for the instructive-educational practice, as well as in the tireless action to contribute to the development of Artistic Education.

In the fulfillment of the teaching-methodological function, it offers examples on how to organize the teaching-learning process in a more appropriate way and emphasizes the creation of scores that allow more innovative and developing classes to be taught in the guitar workshops of the Artistic Teaching, contributing new means of acquiring knowledge.

In 2011, with the closure of the "Federico Engels" School of Art Instructors in the province of Pinar del Río, he retired due to his age and returned to Minas de Matahambre, his hometown, where, through work contracts, he continued to work as a teacher. A characteristic aspect of creativity as a pedagogue is his desire to continue contributing to the professional improvement of his students; already retired, he assumes a teaching program as a guitar teacher in the Art Instructor degree at the "Ignacio Agramonte " Municipal Pedagogical Headquarters in Minas de Matahambre.

During this stage of his life, he was also hired by the Culture Sector of that municipality to form and direct a new guitar student club, with fans of different genres and age groups, which enjoyed great acceptance by the mining population. He possessed the ability and creativity to fix broken guitars and other musical instruments, as well as a marked exceptionality and tuning skills.

Every week, when it was the day of the improvement of the art instructors in the house of culture, he taught different theoretical topics in the music chair, contributing to broaden the knowledge and feelings of belonging to the traditions of the locality of those who they listened

In 2019, after recovering from a crisis of his illness (diabetes mellitus), he rejoins the educational sector and works at the "Ho Chi Min" Joint Center as a teacher of Artistic Education, until the moment of his physical departure. Serve this work to pay a well-deserved tribute to Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo.



This work was carried out thanks to the testimonies offered through interviews with relatives, students and teachers who knew him and shared a part of his life.


Sources Consulted: Marcelino Chamizo Ravelo's cadre and labor files.


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