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Especial Education in Cuban. Present-day conception and perspectives

Educación Especial en Cuba. Concepción actual y perspectivas


Educação Especial em Cuba. Concepção atual e perspectivas


Yosniel Estévez Arias1

1University of Pinar del Río "Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca". Cuba.


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Triana Mederos, M and Fernández Silva, IF (2019). Special Education in Cuba. Current conception and perspectives.

Havana: Editorial People and Education.

ISBN: 978-959-13-3604-0.





The book Special Education in Cuba. Current conception and perspectives offers a panoramic vision of Special Education in Cuba, in correspondence with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and, in particular, with objective four aimed at guaranteeing inclusive, equitable and quality education and promoting permanent learning opportunities for everyone.

His considerations are based on the massive, equitable character of the right to Education, which Cuba advocates, with the active and democratic participation of the entire society in the tasks of educating the people. The gratuity and accessibility of all Cuban citizens to education is proverbial; issue that is in line with:

The central idea of the book is to offer the way of conceiving Special Education in Cuba, as a consequence of 59 years of experimentation and continuous improvement of its educational policy and practice and in correspondence with the systematization of the latest research carried out on the subject in question. .

The text reveals the importance of the aforementioned Education, with its modalities and specialized resources, aspects that are consistent with the psycho pedagogical diagnosis, the Special Olympics program and the achievement of an inclusive, equitable and quality education.

Among its main features are:

The work has the following content index:

The contents of the book clearly reflect the position assumed by the Cuban educational system in the face of the challenge of achieving inclusive and quality education, precisely defining the Cuban position (optimistic, humanist, Martian and Fidelist) in education and development of people with special educational needs.

The book constitutes a valuable reference material for teachers who are in charge of professional pedagogical training in universities, for education professionals and for teachers in training. It is also an updated reference on Cuban Special Education in the context of inclusive education.


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