Mendive. Journal on Education, october-november 2021; 19(4):1388-1389
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Maria del Carmen Martinez Martinez, inspiration for mining educators


María del Carmen Martínez Martínez, inspiración para los educadores mineros


María del Carmen Martínez Martínez, inspiração para educadores mineiros


Dania Rojas Carbonell1
Alba Rosado Ruiz2



1 Universidad de Pinar del Río "Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca". Centro Universitario Municipal de Minas de Matahambre. Cuba.
2 Dirección Municipal de Minas de Matahambre. Pinar del Rio. Cuba.


On March 28, 2020, sad news moved the mining educators, the comrade María del Carmen Martínez Martínez passed away in the provincial capital at the age of 65. Teacher, Bachelor of Primary Education, Master in Educational Sciences, Instructor Professor at the University of Pinar del Río "Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca", facilitator of master's degrees, as tutor and attached to the Higher Pedagogical Institute "Rafael María de Mendive", He was born in Sumidero, Pinar del Río, Cuba, on February 9, 1955.

As part of her pedagogical work and her own or assigned functions, her participation as a facilitator in the Second Process of Improvement of the Educational System, in several Provincial Contests of Classes of Natural Sciences and History of Cuba, prepares students for knowledge competitions and meetings of monitors.

He was a member of the Municipal Scientific Advisory Council. He left a wide range of scientific and teaching-methodological experiences to guide general strategies and concrete demonstrations to the directors and teachers of the schools in the national and international events, in the Forum and the Pedagogy Congresses held in Cuba, reaching the category Relevant and Outstanding. He served as head of evaluation commissions and symposia.

He fulfilled an internationalist mission in Venezuela, guaranteeing the preparation of structures in terms of educational missions in their municipalities. He participated in the State Event of International Pedagogy, in the State Event of the Bolívar-Martí Chair, in the Congress of Post-literacy teachers. He made the curricular adjustments to the study plan of Universal Geography and Citizen Training.

The pedagogical experience provided has been generalized in the schools of the territory and has been published in several articles in national scientific journals.

Due to her revolutionary attitude as an education activist in the Zonal Defense Council, for the services rendered to the safeguarding of the Homeland and the contribution to the formation of the new generations, she was awarded the Medal of Production and Defense, the distinction "For Cuban Education" and the Distinction "Rafael María de Mendive", in the Riva Mission, she received the status of Exemplary Collaborator. He was a Special Award from the Ministry of Education, in addition to receiving diplomas, among which are: Teachers for the Homeland and Outstanding School in Emulation and recognition for the achievements achieved during more than 40 years of working life, for the satisfactory results in the main indicators that measure the efficiency of educational work, including 30 as a Management Board. MB evaluated for more than 10 consecutive years.

He did a lot of research in the pedagogical area. He participated in Diplomas and Courses and taught others, carried out consultancies on Course Work, Diplomas and Masters. He had an outstanding participation in graduation courts and as a tutor of important theses related to pedagogical work.

During his participation in the Municipal Scientific Pedagogical Symposium "For a better school", sponsored by the Pedagogical Branch and the Association of Pedagogues of Cuba, Minas de Matahambre, Pinar del Río, he explained to us how to strengthen the formation of values, discipline and Citizen responsibility from the school for peace education, through a strategy with two fundamental objectives: to ensure that the school teachers receive the necessary and sufficient training that allows them to face the educational work, in order to materialize the principles and values of education for peace and concretize it in the behavior of the students based on the realization of activities.

After retiring, before the call of the Nation for the reincorporation to the classrooms, she takes the step forward. At the time of his death he was working as part of this gigantic army of teachers.

For her notable contributions to Cuban education in the different ways of teaching-educational work to achieve the scientific and methodological preparation of pedagogical groups, this distinguished educator will live forever in the memory of all of us who had the privilege of working by her side and receiving the formative influence of her personal example.


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